Got Homespuns? Plaids?

Doesn’t this quilt just make you want to pull them out?? I found this gorgeous quilt on Julie’s blog.

Julie's quilt

5 Responses to “Got Homespuns? Plaids?”

  • I am making a String Quilt using bright Madras Plaids. I have it pictured on my new blog: I love it!! Thanks for a great site!

  • Cricket:

    The white sashing adds a lot to this quilt, IMHO. It calms it down and makes it look like the sashing is floating on the quilt. Notice there is no white inner border. This still looks like a Heartstrings quilt even though there is no consistent center string. Very nice.

  • Susie Tunks:

    Oh, my goodness! THERE IT IS!!! Do you see why I love your site??? I think to myself,”I really want to find the perfect quilt to use all these awesome plaids I just got”. And then BAM! Here you put the perfect quilt right on your site without even knowing that’s what I wanted! Thank you, Mary!! And thanks to Julie for making the awesome thing! :)

  • Thanks Mary, for sharing this quilt! Plaids are so much fun to work with, and the string blocks are so forgiving of a little stretch in the homespuns.

  • Oh I really really like that one… I have a bucket of plaids…. oh….

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