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Chinese Coins

Helen’s been working with the last of the Chinese Coins from one of our HeartStrings projects.

She wrote:

Thanks to everyone for the lovely comments about the hearts quilt. I posted a couple of weeks ago about where I got the inspiration for the quilt – Tallgrass Prairie Studio

The instruction on the blog page above are very detailed, but I used slightly different sizes and chose to do the large triangles with the Easy Angle ruler so that I didn’t have triangles left over.

I had the Chinese Coin units already and they measured 5.5″, so that was my starting point. I cut two 5.5″ squares and used an Easy Angle ruler to cut two triangles from both the coins and the background fabric, which when stitched together made 5.5″ half square triangles. The background squares to make the top of the heart shape started at 2″. My heart blocks are 10″ square finished size.

Other Chinese Coins Instructions – links are in the sidebar under Chinese Coins

Becky’s Funky Caterpillars using coins

Jackie’s QAYG

Jackie made a RWB QAYG for Quilts of Valor.

Our QAYG project continues and you can make blocks to send to Jay for assembly or make your own as Jackie did.

Instructions for the blocks are  at the link below – make sure you check out the links at the bottom of the instructions to see how to assemble them.

Instructions for QAYG blocks