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More on Log Cabin quilts

So did my last post inspire you to make a String Log Cabin Quilt? If so, here’s a link to an article on log cabin quilts from the Quilt Study organization that gives you both some interesting information about log cabin quilts AND shows you different layouts you can try with your string blocks. My favorite tends to be Straight Furrows.

Strips and Strings Log Cabin Instructions

Something a little different

While I love our standard HeartStrings quilts, sometimes you want to work on something a little different but still play in your strings. For me, that can mean a Strips and Strings Log Cabin quilt. It’s easy to whip up a set of 48 blocks and then the fun begins as you play with the layout.

Here’s a String Log Quilt made by Stephanie, our coordinator in Australia.

With a little help!

Not only has Robin been making HeartStrings Quilts with her guild, her father-in-law has been helping out and piecing blocks. Just look at these all these she’s been quilting.

Visit Robin’s blog to read more

One of the best things…

Is getting together in person to work on HeartStrings quilts. Today marked our 4th annual sew-in held in Roberts, WI.

See more photos from our day!