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Here’s a fun setting

One of the group quilts from our Lime Green Project – finished by Aline. I think I first saw our blocks set this way in a quilt pieced by Sue or her Mom.

Another Rectangle String Quilt

Here’s one I just finished up from a HeartStrings project a couple years ago, the top was finished during the project but it waited a long time to be quilted. You can find a link to instructions to make one of your own in the previous post.


Blue and Yellow

Two recent finishes show what a great combination blue and yellow are for our string quilts. The first one by Stephanie.


And the second one by Joanne.


Stephanie’s quilt uses our standard HeartStrings block with the addition of sashing and Joanne’s quilt is made from rectangle string blocks. You can find instructions for making one of your own by following this link.