The HeartStrings Quilt Project grew out of a casual exchange of postings to the Stashbuster Yahoo group in December 2006. Focused on using our fabric stashes, a number of us expressed interest in getting involved in making quilts to be donated to various charities. At first, it was intended to be a short term initiative, but the interest from members of the group was very strong, so the idea was enlarged to accommodate quilters of all levels of experience, living in different parts of the world, and making string quilts over an extended period of time. A separate Yahoo group was established – the HeartStrings Quilt Project –  and guidelines developed that would enable quilters to be involved in this project in numerous ways. This website was set up so that even those who chose not to formally belong to the HeartStrings Quilt Project online group could access the information about the project and contribute as they wished.

The outcome is a network of quilters mostly living in the USA, but some in Australia, and others elsewhere around the globe, who are linked by their love of quiltmaking and the joy they feel in creating something for those in need. The merits of being set up as we are include:

  • keeping costs low, so that we can focus on making quilts not raising funds
  • being open to quiltmakers wherever they are
  • being able to accept contributions of blocks, assembled quilt tops and offers to
    assemble and quilt as quiltmakers are free to make them. That is, there is no minimum
    or fixed commitment. If you’d like to ‘whip up’ four string blocks according to our
    guidelines and send them in, that would be much appreciated and used in one of our
    quilts. If, on the other hand, you’re interested in devoting more time and fabric, then the
    sky’s the limit
  • enabling quiltmakers to work together to make quilts that they can donate locally in their
    own communities.