Even the dogs are interested!

Helen from the United Kingdom recently arranged to send some purple-centred blocks to Megan, the Australian HeartStrings coordinator – see photo above. (Does this mean that we have our first international HeartStrings quilt?)

Megan was amused, however, to discover that the inspection dogs used by the Australian Quarantine service were very interested in the blocks. So much so that they indicated – by yapping? howling? wagging their tails? – that the package warranted closer inspection. And so when the blocks were delivered to Megan in Sydney they included a polite note from the Quarantine service to indicate that while the dogs had been very interested, “no items of quarantine concern were detected” by the human inspectors. That’s nice to know!

7 thoughts on “Even the dogs are interested!”

  1. Reading this story made me laugh this morning! I wonder what caused the interest … traces of my own dog on the package? … something that had been in the jiffy bag I used previously? … or were the dogs just very supportive and interested in our quilting efforts and wanted to bring it to wider attention? Too funny 🙂


  2. I received a fiber art postcard from a friend in the USA – and the satin stitching around the edge had been ripped open and the layers pried apart because the customs machines and gods thought it sus! Apparently the dogs/machines combination are trained to react to anything organic – so I guess cotton fabric counts.


  3. Maybe your little Chestieis just very sttractive to the Aussie dogs . Was he helping you with blocks ? Sue in MN


  4. I’m guessing that before the Australian Quarantine Service dogs did their inspecting, some UK quality control quilting cats must have been doing their usual inspection process of checking out the blocks and leaving their own little noteable deposits of cat hair. Nothing a good security dog likes better than contraband materials…..except for maybe a very good,cat!


  5. I once witnessed a Security beagle who identified a bag of interest at the airport. Caused quite a stir on the concourse! No harm on that event either, as it turned out, thankfully. It makes me wonder how certain smells must mix up for even a dog. Very pretty purple centered blocks! And a fun way to tie together string pieced things, especially if coming from around the globe.


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