Pull out the Homespuns!

For our June/July project we’ll pull out those Homespun fabrics and make some quilts suitable for donating to organizations for men.

The guidelines are as follows for blocks that will be sent in for group quilts.

Start with an 11 inch muslin foundation

Center string is BLACK cotton fabric, cut 2 inches and it can be a print but it should be tone on tone and read fairly solid.

The remaining strings should be from homespun fabrics.

Blocks are trimmed to 10.5 inches after piecing.

We will set them 6×8 blocks for a quilt that will finish at 60×80.

As always, these guidelines are just for blocks that are sent in for group quilts. If completing your own top or quilt you can modify them but for tops that you will be sending in for quilting, please keep them about 60×80 in size.