A new project – Lime Green

We haven’t had a special project in several months so are you ready to make some kid’s blocks and quilts?

For February and March we’ll be making blocks with Lime Green centers. These will utilize our standard HeartStrings guidelines but we’ll substitute LIME for the standard blue and red centers.

You can participate by

  1. Making blocks to send in for group quilts
  2. Making an entire top to send in for quilting – this can be 24 blocks, with or without a border OR if you prefer you can make a larger quilt using our standard 48 blocks because we all know that kids come in all sizes!
  3. Making the entire quilt and donating it locally

Here’s some inspiration to get you started.

By Stephanie

By Darlene

In addition, for those of you without a stash of kid friendly scraps and strings; we are accepting Red/White/Blue blocks for Quilts of Valor for wounded or returning soldiers.

Instructions for RWB blocks

Finally, as always even during our special projects, we accept blocks made according to our guidelines using RED or BLUE centers.

Won’t you join us during February and March and make some HeartString blocks?