Block Guidelines

HeartString Block Guidelines

Strings are to be pieced on a muslin or 100% cotton foundation

  • start with a foundation that is 10 inches square.
  • place a 2 inch wide RED or BLUE strip diagonally across the center of the foundation square. 
  • add strings on either side of the center strip until the entire foundation is covered. You may use strips of any width up to 3 inches wide in your blocks; you may use strips all the same width or a variety of different widths in each block. You can even use strips that are not a consistent width down their entire length if you wish. 
  • you can use any 100% cotton fabric for your strips once you’ve got the blue or red starter strip in the center.
  • when you’ve covered the entire foundation, press it and then trim it back to 9.5 inches square with the center strip running evenly through two of the corners. Starting too large and trimming back helps avoid buckling of the foundations – i.e… you’re more likely to end up with blocks that lay flat.

Click link for Instructions for squaring blocks to 9.5 inches.

Please note: the BLUE or RED center string does NOT have to be a solid fabric but it should be a fabric that “reads” as solid such as a tone on tone print.

Additional instructions for making and assembling a HeartStrings Quilt can be found at this link


2 thoughts on “Block Guidelines”

  1. After finishing the foundation, do you use batting and another backing to finish the quilt? I haven’t found any instructions on this. Thank you


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