A 365 block surprise

Imagine my surprise tonight to find an email and this photo in my inbox. Tresica Watts wrote and asked for the mailing address to send HeartStrings blocks commenting that she had made 365 red and blue centered blocks. What a wonderful contribution to our project!

Don’t you love this photo? (click photo to enlarge!)

17 thoughts on “A 365 block surprise”

  1. oh my goodness! that is a lot of string blocks. fantastic!!! it’s amazing to see them laid together like that. tresica has certainly set the bar high, hasn’t she. welcome aboard, tresica.patti


  2. Cowabunga! Tresica, ROCKS! (& I think she’ll need to get help in getting those blocks to the post office!!!Sheree


  3. WOW! where is the photo taken to house so easily all those blocks with space left over? welcome to Tresica and the bar has indeed been raised! ~denise/deBRAT


  4. Holy Cow! That’s like one a day but I don’t think how you did it, Tresica, as this group has not been in existence that long. Way to go, girl!!!


  5. The smile on her face says it all! 🙂 I don’t think I could keep from telling that long! Way to go on making so many beautiful blocks and welcome to our group. I am sure you held your breath until the photo was taken – hoping that the wind wouldn’t blow them all over the place. 😉 ~Bonnie in SE Texas


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