More strings!

We’ve been playing in our strings this month and I’ve finished a couple tops. One has even been quilted.

You can find instructions for our HeartStrings quilts at this link. In this version, I used a gray center strip and my first round had a consistent fabric too.

Stephanie used a consistent neutral strip beside her center strip too. It’s a great way to bring some organization to these string quilts.

I also pieced Rainbow HeartStrings blocks – these are super easy and always look great. You can find instructions at this link.

Challenge quilts

Last month we made Happy Block quilts for our monthly challenge. You can go scrappy like Stephanie did or use just a few fabrics like Ellen. Any size center square and frame works too. You can find brief instructions at this link.

Stephanie’s Happy Blocks
Ellen’s Happy Blocks

This month’s challenge is 3 yard quilts but we’re always making string quilts too. Ann got creative with her blocks.

Ann’s String Quilt

Kathleen made our traditional HeartStrings blocks and then sashed them.

Kathleen’s HeartStrings quilt

3 Yard Quilts

Usually you’ll find us playing in our strings but we’re doing something a little different with our current project. We’ve been making 3 yard quilts. Quick and easy to piece and they bust a lot of stash quickly! You can make up your own 3 yard quilt or find patterns online. Many of us are using patterns from Fabric Cafe and my Quick Strippies are made from just 3 fabrics too!

Carolyn used the Illusions pattern from Fabric Cafe
Stephanie used the Easy Street pattern from Fabric Cafe
Sara used the Brick Street pattern from Fabric Cafe
I’ve made several quilts and of course had to make a Quick Strippie or two!


We’re playing with tumblers this month! We’re having lots of fun and so many cute quilts will be donated. Some of us are using templates and some are using tumbler dies. These are just a few of the ones we’re making. Click on a photo and scroll through the slideshow.

Ellen’s Happy Blocks

Happy Blocks are one of our favorite projects to work on and always make such cute quilts. Here’s a recent finished top that Ellen shared with us. Some of our quilts are scrappy with blocks mixed in from a variety of quilters and others are more planned like this one. I have several different instructions on my website and I’m not sure which measurements Ellen used, but we’ve done lots of variations with the center square – from cutting them 4.5 or 6.5 inches to using Charm Squares (5 inch squares).

Rainbow HeartStrings

Our Maine sew-in was canceled this week but we still worked on our Rainbow HeartStrings quilts and I thought I’d share some inspiration here for those of you thinking of making your own quilts. You can click on the photos below to see larger versions.

You can find brief instructions for the Rainbow blocks on my website at this link. Jackie used HeartStrings blocks with half neutrals and half rainbow strings for two of her quilts shown at the top of the gallery.