We’re still sewing – Day 2

Cathy has also finished a purple centered quilt. I love how the yellow binding frames the quilt.


There’s still time to join in – the sew-along continues through New Year’s Day. We’re making purple centered HeartStrings blocks and backings for HeartStrings quilts.

You can find the guidelines here , just substitute a purple fabric for the center strip. If you don’t have purple you can still join in by making our red or blue centered blocks.

New Year’s sew along

Won’t you join in with us? We’re making purple centered blocks according to our guidelines between now and New Year’s Day. You can make a few blocks and send them in or you can make the entire quilt like Jackie.

You can find the guidelines here , just substitute a purple fabric for the center strip. If you don’t have purple you can still join in by making our red or blue centered blocks.

Jackie chose greens and pinks to go with her purple centers and made this lovely color coordinated quilt.


You can play with your own color combinations if you’re going to complete the entire quilt or make a full set of 48 for an adult or 24 for a child but if you are going to send them in to Sue or Stephanie for group quilts make them scrappy so they’ll play along well with the others we get.

A few guidelines

Part of our project for our New Year’s weekend sew along will be to bust some stash making backings. You can choose to keep these for your own HS quilts or to send them in for our volunteer quilters to use. I’ve written some guidelines below but feel free to email if you have any questions.

Backing Options
▪3.5 yards of a single fabric seamed horizontally and is approx 63×84 (length =two widths of fabric so will vary some from backing to backing)
▪An Off-Center 4 patch made from 2 or 4 coordinating backings
▪A scrappy backing – these can either be multicolored or from one color family and should not have any seams that will fall near the edges of the quilt.

Backing should be approximately 62×80 after squaring for our standard HS quilt ( if you are using a single fabric and your backing is greater than 80 inches it is NOT necessary to trim it down. )

Scrappy backs or single fabric backs are most appropriate for tied quilts that will have the backing pulled to the front for the binding.

While I will leave a selvage on a top or bottom edge of the backing. They should be trimmed off where they’re going to be sewn into a seam.

If you tear your fabric, the torn edge should be neatened up with a rotary cutter and without strings before seaming.

Instructions for an Off Center 4 Patch can be found at this link.

An example of a single color family, scrappy backing can be seen at this link and I will be posting some more specific instructions for a similar backing just before our sew along.

Let’s get ready to sew

For our sew along (Dec 29 – Jan 1) we’ll be using our block guidelines but substituting PURPLE for our usual red or blue center strings.

▪Purple fabrics should read fairly solid
▪You can use a single purple fabric for the centers or go scrappy
▪If you don’t have appropriate purple fabrics you can always play along and make our red or blue centered blocks.

To get ready to sew, consider cutting some foundations and center strings ahead of time. You can review the block guidelines at this link.

Save the Date!

December 29 thru January 1st

We’ll be having a HeartStrings sew along on New Year’s weekend busting stash by making backs for HeartStrings quilts and busting our strings by making Purple Centered HeartStrings blocks.

Join us for the entire weekend or just an hour or two – whatever fits your schedule. Stay tuned for more details.