Wondering what fabric to use for making pillowcases during our Pillowcase Party on Thanksgiving weekend??

Alycia wrote today:

I tell you what – Anything goes!! I have some mickey mouse pillowcases and western ones and – oh my – they are just so cool! I have been making sure that the floral/feminine pillowcases go with girly quilts – so maybe think more generic – that I could put any quilt it there?? Male or Female?

I’m going to head for my Blue stash first and go from there!

Save these dates

November 29 & 30

We’re having a Pillowcase Party to make pillowcases in patriotic colors for Alycia’s Quilt of Valor Project. The pillowcases are used to present the quilts to the wounded soldiers – you don’t have to have patriotic fabrics….just use Red/White (or beige)/ Blue in any combinations.

Pillowcase instructions (no exposed seams – I like that!) from the website Operation Support for Deployed Military.

I made a few practice ones and took lots of photos so if the directions still seem fuzzy, take a look at the step by step photos and see if it’s any easier.

As always, if you have a local charity feel free to work alongside us and donate your pillowcases to any organization you choose.

There will be door prizes so make sure you email me during the Party weekend to tell me you’re sewing with us and I’ll send you Alycia’s mailing address.
Email Mary at mmcjohnson@gmail.com

Green for Guys

Our project for September/October is ended. If you’ve made any Green centered blocks, please try to mail them this week. They’ll be combined with other donations into quilts and donated.

Betty is shown below with a full set of green centered blocks she made, this top was assembled at the sew-in and is waiting for quilting.

Email me if you need the mailing address to send in your green centered blocks at mmcjohnson@gmail.com.

Stay tuned for information about our Pillowcase Party to be held Thanksgiving weekend.

Rochester Sew-in

Sorry, not the best photos here but we had such a good time at our Sew-in yesterday and I wanted to share the photos with you.

In this first one, Sue is standing with the pile of blocks she bought with her. Since the inventory was almost completely depleted before our Block Party a few weeks ago – these are all recent donations – and Sue has already sent some of them out and there are more coming so you can imagine how many blocks there were made during the Block Party.

In addition to sewing more blocks – we assembled 7 tops yesterday – unfortunately I don’t have photos of most of them – not sure how we managed to miss taking photos of them all but Sue did share some tops that were assembled by her and her Mom that are in the link at the end of this post.

We also learned how to make pillowcases with the “sausage roll” method – no exposed seams from Ethel. We’re planning a pillowcase Virtual Sew-in next month and I hope you will all join us.
The rest of the photos can be seen in the MN/WI October 2008 Sew-in album.