Chinese Coins

Need some ideas for shorter leftover strings? How about a Chinese Coin’s quilt. Here’s one recently finished by Ruthie.

You can find more inspiration and brief instructions for Coins quilts at the links below.

4 Responses to “Chinese Coins”

  • I like it better than a regular coins quilt… the uneven pieces make it! Good idea!

  • I like this one alot too. Great way to use up those bits and pieces that I save for no apparent reason. Plus, the solid blocks gives the eye a resting place.

  • Janine:

    Wow I love that coins quilt. I have loads of short strips to use up. This would be an excellent way to do it.

  • Beth:

    Thank you for posting this idea. I have so many thin strips that I had no idea what to do with, but just could not throw away. Now I know what to do!

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