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Peaceful & Meditative

My time in Maine reminds me how peaceful and even meditative the process of tying a HeartStrings quilt can be. Not every top needs quilting and tied quilts are just a little more cuddly.

Instructions can be found on my website.


You can view more photos from our Maine sew-in at this link.

Taking a break

We took a break this afternoon and did some fabric shopping at Marden’s.


Before and after our shopping trip we continued to finish quilts and tops. Jackie shared several she’d brought to be finished and donated — I loved the centers of these stars.


I continued to tie quilts.


And we continued to assemble block sets into tops. These RWB blocks were wrapped in a pillow case and sent by Sue. It’s now ready for tying.


Tuesday in Maine

Tops are being finished left and right AND I’m tying lots of quilts. This top was sent from Sue from blocks sent to her and it’s now tied, bound, and ready to donate.


Here’s one of Ann’s tops – love the double sashing and the piano key border.


And here’s Bev, our host for this annual event!


Maine – post 2

Jane and Brenda


May from NJ joined us today


A finished top from blocks sent by Louise Cohen


Stay tuned … Lots more to come

Maine sew-in

We’re busy here in Maine — it’s day one of the sew-in but a few of us got an early start over the weekend.

A block set sent by Sue from group blocks assembled by Brenda is now ready to be tied by Mollie.


Jackie and Rebecca working at our large pressing surface.


And here’s Mary who doesn’t want me to take her photo. (Not to be confused with Mollie/Mary from MN)