Maine sew-in

We’re busy here in Maine — it’s day one of the sew-in but a few of us got an early start over the weekend.

A block set sent by Sue from group blocks assembled by Brenda is now ready to be tied by Mollie.


Jackie and Rebecca working at our large pressing surface.


And here’s Mary who doesn’t want me to take her photo. (Not to be confused with Mollie/Mary from MN)


One thought on “Maine sew-in”

  1. I’m so jealous…. Regretfully my business is too busy to make it to Maine. the ladies at my quilting group have been REALLY busy (air conditioning in the sewing room helps, I hear. LOL) I’m sewing all the labels on the 8 quilts they made. We have quite a few baby quilts if anyone knows of where we can send them. (All else fails, we have a children’s hospital to deliver to. Have fun!


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