Kitty’s quilt for Quilts of Valor

Kitty recently posted a photo of a HeartStrings quilt that she is donating to the Tampa VA hospital. She used the red center blocks made according to the guidelines on her quilt and it’s just beautiful. The top was quilted by a longarm quilter in her guild and she commented that she’d shown it at her guild’s show and tell and even included a photo for us to see.

Kitty also had a great tip for hanging quilts up to take pictures. She reported that she bought 3-4 large magnetic clips from the office store and used them to take a photo against her metal garage door. Great idea!

For those of you in guilds, don’t forget to take your HeartStrings tops or quilts in and share information about the project. You can refer people to the HeartStrings website and from there they can find links to the Yahoo group and this blog.

For more information about QOV – visit the Quilts of Valor website.
For the HeartStrings guidelines for making string blocks like those Kitty used click here.

2 thoughts on “Kitty’s quilt for Quilts of Valor”

  1. What a wonderful QOV that you made Kitty!!! Thanks for the “online” sew-n-tell – I don’t belong to a guild but with Mary’s new blog, I feel like I am having my own guild sew-n-tell right here in front of my computer.We all love photos and the best part of this one included with your post is that quiltmaker is shown with the quilt. :c) Thanks for sharing. ~Bonnie


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