Quietly working away in Australia

Maxine Mossop, one of our Australian members, writes me that she’s completed and donated 4 HeartStrings quilts to the Lady Huntington Centre in North Melbourne and has 2 additional quilts ready to be donated to Royal Children’s Hospital Intensive Care Unit Parkville in Melbourne. I had no idea she’d been so busy working and finishing this many quilts.

In this first one she’s used the same fabric for the block centers, an inner border, and the binding which pulls this quilt together very nicely.

Of this second quilt she writes; “This is really a strippy I suppose I used all I/Spy scrap as this quilt was to be used by the sitting babies as a floor rug and I wanted it to be interesting…the feedback on this quilt was very positive m 46’x 56″ Instead of using a plain colour between the strips I used very small pieces to separate”

This 3rd quilt is made from leftover strips from quilts made for her grandsons and the blocks are only 4 inches square as she was working from small scraps. This quilt and the next are for the 3/4 year old boys at the centre.

Of these last two, Maxine writes “ these 2 quilts both 36″x48″ which I have just finished will be going to the Royal Children’s Hospital Intensive Care Unit Parkville in Melbourne Vic Aus. they have very specific instructions for size as the quilt must just lay on top of the cot/bed /isolette.”

7 thoughts on “Quietly working away in Australia”

  1. oh wow, what another great spotlight on a heartstrings member. Maxine, I love the quilts you have made – especially that plaid one (I think the 4th shown) – that gives me a great idea on how to use up some scraps form the men’s shirts I cut up last fall.I know the children who receive these quilts will be so happy!!! ~Bonnie


  2. wow, maxine. fantastic job. they are all simply wonderful. the kids will love them. i like that you tossed some circles in there also. congratulations.patti


  3. Oh Maxine! These are WONDERFUL! I’m fond of your name. My wonderful mother in law’s name was Maxine. She was not a quilter, but was very industrious and thrifty..just like you!


  4. Maxine – I think you’re quilts are gorgeous. I like all of them. Great use of colour, even though you’ve made them scrappy. My favourites are the one at the top with the green strips and inner border and the one made from checked fabrics.It’s just a fantastic effort.


  5. Maxine, These are absolutely wonderful examples of creativity in string quilting! There isn’t a single one of us who, at some point in our lives, didn’t think of string quilting as too busy or too colorful. You have put that notion totally to rest! You may see yourself as a quiet quilter but your true voice comes out loud and clear in these beautiful quilts! You have inspired all of us!


  6. The Aussie quilts are wonderful. So many great ideas for using strips. Really like how the green on the first one holds the whole quilt together 🙂


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