Participation in the HeartStrings Quilt Project

A recent post on the HeartStrings Yahoo group reminded me that one of the best features of our project is the ability to participate at whatever level you choose.

There are those quilters who make a few blocks and send them in to be assembled into group quilts and there are those quilters who make multiple quilts for the project. Participation at any level is appreciated and helps us make and donate more quilts. No contribution is too small and quilters will not always participate on an ongoing basis.

Carol recently left our Yahoo group saying that although she’ll continue making and donating quilts to charity, string quilts just aren’t her thing. Before she left the group she made this string top which I’ll be quilting and donating to a charity of her choice – an Assisted Living facility for Veterans in the NH/ME area. Strings may not be her thing but she made a beautiful top that I’m happy to quilt and donate as part of the HeartStrings Quilt Project – Thank you Carol.

You can visit Carol’s blog by clicking here.

4 thoughts on “Participation in the HeartStrings Quilt Project”

  1. Not seen a string quilt set like that before. It constantly amazes me what can be done with small strips of fabric 🙂


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