The Quilt that Love Built

Many of you may have already read about this quilt on Bonnie’s blog but I wanted to share it with those of you that don’t belong to our Yahoo HeartStrings group and follow our progress here on this blog.

Bonnie talked about the dilemma of having a sick friend and wanting to make a quilt to comfort her but being torn between trying to find the time to make the quilt or spending the time she had with her friend.

The HeartStrings blocks in this quilt had been made by our quilters, sent in to Sue who grouped them together and sent them to Becky. Becky assembled the top and when Bonnie needed a comfort quilt, sent it to her to quilt and give to her friend Marie. I won’t rewrite what Bonnie has expressed so well – you can read the story by clicking on the 3 links below.

Stuck between quilts and a hard place

This is the quilt that love built

Marie’s quilt delivered

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