In Memory of Louise Casey

(click photo to see a larger version)
One of our members, May Sisk of New Jersey, wrote “this Heartstring top was made in memory of my sister Louise who passed away 2 weeks ago. Making the this quilt top was good therapy during the past few weeks.”
May mailed the top to me for quilting and it will be sent back to her to donate in her sister’s memory. Can you see the quilted hearts? Appropriately enough this pantograph by Jodi Beamish is called Heartstrings.

7 thoughts on “In Memory of Louise Casey”

  1. Oh, Mary, Thank you so much for quilting Louise’s top for me. Looking at it and your kind words brought tears to my eyes. I know whoever receives this quilt will know that lots of love from me and the HeartStrings quilters comes with it. So many thanks, May


  2. What a wonderful tribute to your sister, May…and what incredible teamwork from the Heartstrings group. It makes me proud beyond words to be a part of this group.kathyb


  3. Mary, you did a beautiful job on May’s quilt. May, what a wonderful tribute to your sister. I’m so sorry for your loss.Hugs


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