Chinese Coins Project

addendum: Page down to see another Chinese Coins top, this one was made by Barb.

It’s not too late to join the fun. There’s one more month to participate in the Chinese Coins Project. Of course, you can always make one of these yourself but we’re collecting sections for the months of April and May to make group quilts. Click the above link to find the guidelines.

Stephanie in Australia sent me a photo of her finished top which she says “will be sent to an online mate who is quilting and finishing donated tops for her 2007 African orphanage project.”

I also made one that I will start quilting today. You can check my blog in a couple days to see the finished quilt.

Here’s a top finished by Barb.

One thought on “Chinese Coins Project”

  1. Both chinese coin quilts are great. The colours chosen give them such different looks. Wonderful 🙂


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