Ke Kange Orphanage in Tanzania

Maxine emailed me photographs of 5 of the 6 HeartStrings quilts she recently donated.

She wrote “These are the photos of the quilts which have been donated to the Ke Kange Orphanage in Tanzania. I had such alot of trouble getting these done, first the machines went down and had to go in for repair and then I left my glasses at a daughters home 3 hrs drive away………As a result of all this I was one short to go back with my son.”

You may remember the other group of quilts from Maxine that were donated in March. All the quilts are lovely but she really inspires me with the wonderful string quilts she makes.

4 thoughts on “Ke Kange Orphanage in Tanzania”

  1. You’ve done a great job putting all this together, Mary. It’s so inspiring looking at all the quilt pictures!


  2. WOW – ALL of these are great!!! but that 3rd photo really caught my eye – love how those string blocks are set as HST using Homespun Plaid blocks!!! Great Job Maxine!!!I especially like your thin inner boarder then piano key type outter boarders on all of these! Gives them a great look!!! These kids are gonna love their quilts!!! ~Bonnie in SE Texas


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