Let’s talk about the HeartStrings Quilt Project

Joanne emailed a photo of her finished HeartStrings quilt and wrote : I finished and donated the completed Heartstrings quilt at my guild on Monday night. The completed quilt will go to the Rockford Rescue Mission(IL). They have requested 10 – 12 twin size quilts. I also have volunteered to put together quilts from members completed blocks, so hopefully we’ll get this ball rolling here! I’ve attached a picture of the quilt. I also sent a blurb for our newsletter so the website should be getting a few more hits next month!

Stephanie, Jane, and Cheri have also sewn HeartStrings blocks with their groups. Kitty has taken her quilt to her guild’s show and tell.

Magazine articles have been written by Megan in Australian Quilters Companion and Australian Homespun Magazine.

Blogs like mine and Joanne’s, Jane’s, and too many more to list here – link to our website and this blog.

Quilt sites like Quiltville, Kaye Woods Quilting Friends, and Real Women Quilt link to us also.

And finally, following a link the other day from Samantha’s blog, I found an article about Project Linus on The Daily Nightly – the MSNBC blog and was able to leave a comment that links back to our website and blog.

So help us spread the word!

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