Use the Stash Challenge

Judy Laquidara of Sunshine Quilts and the founder of the Stash Quilts blog ring issues a monthly Use the Stash Challenge to encourage quilters to dive into their stashes and make quilts using the fabric we already have.

Judy’s challenge for June is to make and donate a quilt to your favorite organization. Since HeartStrings quilts use all those little leftover bits and pieces of our stash to make donation quilts this is a great challenge for us.

Join in the fun and visit Judy’s site and let her know you’re playing along.

Since our Chinese Coins project has just come to an end, I’ll be pulling borders and sashing from my stash and will be assembling quilts from the coin sections sent in by HeartStrings quilters.

5 thoughts on “Use the Stash Challenge”

  1. Can anyone help me find homes for my already made quilts. Some are twin to larger sizes, I do have a few small for crib size/ playpen. Most are scapquiltsHOPE


  2. Thanks everyone for the ideas to give my quilts to. I do need homes for my quilts and with the holidays approaching I know they can be helpful to those who need them.


  3. Thanks everyone for your idea’s on homes for my Quilts. I have now found homes for them and have contacted the people about them. I have found that quilts are addicting to do and I just started to make them in July.Thanks againHope


  4. got a question hopefully some has the answer. My husband went to the store for me for I what I saw to be pillow stuffing, he said it was such a great deal and bought a case of it. To me putting it together in my quilt it looks European will this work as long as I sew it down right.


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