Project updates

In addition to making our red and blue centered HeartStrings blocks we’ve been having fun with several special projects.

For our first one, we collected Chinese Coin sections from members in April and May and I’ve been working on assembling those into tops and quilts. I expected we’d get enough for several tops but I’m working on the 4th one from the donated coins and there are plenty left. Here’s the first finished quilt and you can see others in our online photo album.

Our Purple Project – HeartStrings Quilts for Kids is in progress and will run through August. Sue Frank has already received several block sets which have been sent out to be assembled into quilts and donated and I’ve finished one quilt and one top. These are fun to make and they only take 24 blocks so think about joining the fun and making some Purple centered blocks.

Finally, our 365 block challenge has taken off. In less than two weeks we have had 41 members of our Yahoo group signed up and we’ve already made 459 blocks! Want to challenge yourself? Read the details.

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