Quilts for those affect by recent tornadoes in Tennessee

As a group, we’ve wanted to send quilts to these hit by tornadoes earlier this month. Thanks to Sarah and Pam we were able to find a group and contact person willing to accept quilts and see that they get to those affected.

If you like to join us in sending quilts, please mail them to this address and include a note that identifies them as HeartStrings quilts intended for those affected by the recent tornadoes.

Attention: Anne McKnight
Bledsoe Baptist Association
P.O Box 1207145
East Smith St.
Gallatin, TN 37066

If you’d like to use the HeartStrings Print Label/Enclosure (PDF File). Print file, cut in half, and add your return address under HeartStrings. Place one in your package and tape the other to your box as a shipping label.

Please email us and let us know if you are sending quilts. Thank you!

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