It’s not all strings

Tresica recently sent me some photos of quilts she made and donated locally. She wrote:

“After seeing the photo of my 365 blocks, a lady at the Skidaway United Methodist Church here in Savannah contacted me and told me about the quilts they were making.

I donated the twin quilt tops to the church to help the orphanage. The United Methodist Women are quilting any twin size quilt top donated to them. After completion they are given to the United Methodist Orphanage in Macon Georgia.”

Tresica’s photo with her blocks also inspired other HeartStrings members to start their own 365 block challenge.

4 thoughts on “It’s not all strings”

  1. These are cool. I particularly love that last one. I could see that as a way to mix my hand dyed fabrics with commercial fabrics.


  2. Thanks so much for the string block instructions. Our QOV bee adopted this block as it is so fast, easy, and smashing!!! We love all the combinations. Carlie


  3. Wonderful, wonderful idea! Uhhhh, how many blocks do you cut for a 365 quilt block challenge? 😉 Just kidding!!!! LOVE this idea!


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