Happy Blocks – are you making them?

We’re continuing to work on our Happy Blocks and Happy Block Quilts through the end of February and I’ve heard people comment that they either don’t have a variety of novelty fabrics or don’t have a variety of framing fabrics so here are a couple ideas.

Jessica used the same fabric for all her centers. (photo linked from her site)

LauraJean used just two fabrics for framing her blocks.

So you can see, even with limited fabric choices, these quilts can be really successful.

Happy Block Instructions

2 thoughts on “Happy Blocks – are you making them?”

  1. I found your lovely blog today when I was searching for a picture of a strip quilt. and, I love it! I’m a novice quilter and can’t wait to dive into your previous posts. I hope you don’t mind but I linked to your site from my blog through one of your pictures, and referenced where the pic came from. I hope this is ok, if not let me know. Please check it out…www.securityville.blogspot.com.Have a great day and happy quilting and blogging to you!


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