Make a Blanket Day

Project Linus National Make a Blanket Day, February 21, 2009 is almost here! Just a reminder that this is the day that Project Linus chapter volunteers and blanketeers across the country celebrate Project Linus with special blanketmaking events.

Please check with you local chapter to see if an event is being planned in your area,
or set a goal to make a blanket to be donated to your local chapter by February 21. Project Linus is very flexible — whatever works for you and your schedule. Keep in mind that depending on weather and local circumstances, the local chapters may have an alternate day of celebration in your area.

We hope that you will honor this day by making a blanket for Project Linus or by helping at a blanketmaking event in your area.

To find a Project Linus Chapter near you, check out

Thank you!

Here are a few ideas to get you started!

Happy Blocks

Quick Strippie

String Quilt

Twisted Happy Blocks



Roman Stripes

One thought on “Make a Blanket Day”

  1. Our church just had their annual ‘Quilt-a-thon” from 9am-2pm and they put together 143 quilts (some were taken home to finish tying)!! I had to work…:-(


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