Do you want to attend a Sew-in?

The MN/WI group has been getting together since our first year and now more groups are starting to coordinate Sew-ins in their area. Here are the current ones scheduled. For more information email the contact person or Mary at

March 21st — Las Vegas — The Las Vegas Quilters will be working on some HeartStrings projects during their sew-in and welcome other members. They will be sewing for St. Judes Ranch new group home for unwed mothers — contact Tonie at

April 25th – Virginia is hosting at Hope Christian Church in Shoreview, MN.

May 2nd – Jay and Julia are hosting in Fremont, Nebraska. Contact Jay at

June 27 – Cindy & Mary H are coordinating in Seattle, Washington. Contact Mary H at

August 22 – Kathy & Rhonda are hosting in Roberts, WI

SF Bay Area (Date TBA) – contact Cynthia H. at if you’d like to participate

2 thoughts on “Do you want to attend a Sew-in?”

  1. Mary — do you have contact information for the Westeran Washington Sew-in? I’d like to try to attend and I’d also like to try to talk some of my quilting group into coming also.


  2. I have a question… how far do you get in your swew-ins? Do you just get to the top stage and then someone takes them home to quilt? or do you do the quilting there, too? I would love to organize a sew-in in CT.


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