String Quilt Inspiration

In addition to our typical HeartStrings quilt, many patterns can be adapted for use with strings. I’ve compiled a list of inspirational links from HeartStrings members and readers of my blog to share with you.

Don’t forget to take a look at the HeartStrings Photo Albums for even more inspiration!

I got a lot of Flickr links emailed to me and rather than listing them all here, I’ll link to a Flickr search for String Quilts — check it out there’s lots of good inspiration there.
And finally, some links from my own quilts. These quilts have instructions sheets posted on my website in case you want to give them a try.
String Tumblers
Amish Stripes and Strings
Chinese Coins with Coins border
Chinese Coins – Easy version
Chinese Coins – Easy version #2
Chinese Coins ~ Uneven Version
Strings ~ Half Square Strings
Strings ~ Patriotic Star
Strings ~ Purple Project Quilt #1
Strings ~ Purple Project Quilt #2
Strings ~ Rectangle Strings
Strips and Strings Log Cabin
Strings ~ Hearts

This Coins quilt doesn’t have instructions but it’s based on a quilt by Karla Alexander on the cover of this book.

Here’s my String Courthouse Steps quilt based on one by Sandy Bonsib on the cover of this book.

This is my HeartStrings quilt with green centers — instructions are available here and here’s my Pink version. As you can see, our typical HeartStrings quilts can be adapted to just about any color scheme and still look great!

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