Deep Valley Quilters

I had the opportunity to speak to this Mankato, MN guild last night about HeartStrings and to show off some of our quilts. Thanks to Dee who invited me to speak and to Sheree who came along with me and helped.

Dee, Sheree, and Mary
Dee, Sheree, and Mary
Mary with the quilts
Mary with the quilts

2 thoughts on “Deep Valley Quilters”

  1. Hi, I wanted to comment on both sites to let everyone now how much Deep Valley Quilters enjoyed our program with Mary. And Sheree, you are a delight! Much inspiration for our guild and community quilts program. Can’t wait for your next sew in, and I will announce it at guild too. Again, thank you, all of the Heartstrings group, you are truly a blessing.


  2. Yes, I want to repeat what Dee said. Mary, we truely enjoyed your program and I would love to become more involved. What a wonderful project.


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