New Hampshire sew-in

Last week a group met in New Hampshire to work on HeartStrings blocks and tops and the photos below show them hard at work. They have plans for another sew-in sometime in May.

3 thoughts on “New Hampshire sew-in”

  1. We all had a wonderful time. Brenda is a terrific hostess, treating us to the best Beef Stew I’ve ever had, fresh rolls, drinks and chocolates. We had ample work room, very good lighting. We all chatted, swapped sewing tips, generally sewing for 8+ hours! Amaya, the youngest of the group, age 9, pressed nonstop. She was such a cheerful worker, I think we all wanted to take her home! We also had an added bit of fun, a birthday party for Darlene’s daughter Lydia and Darlene!! Lydia turned 13 and Darlene well, she’s a tad older that Lydia!
    The sew-ins are so much fun, I forget we are working!!
    Ginny M


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