A new project

For April and May we’ll be working with YELLOW, how’s that for welcoming Spring?

If you decide to participate, you have two choices:

  1. Use a bright yellow center strip (cut 2 inches) and then add bright colored strings and strips to create blocks for children’s quilts. Other than the yellow center, these are made just like our guidelines. This is the set I’ve got started.
  2. The second option is to use blue and yellow strips and strings and again, they’re pieced like our guidelines except these DO NOT need to have a consistent color center string, use blue or yellow and they don’t even need to be cut 2 inches – it doesn’t matter.
    • I suggest that you NOT alternate the blue and yellow but place them randomly to avoid creating a striped effect.
    • We won’t be sashing the blocks, but this quilt by Petra will give you an idea of the look we’re going for.

As always, we continue to accept blocks made according to the guidelines for those that choose not to participate in the special projects.

To send blocks in for group quilts, email me for the mailing address.

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