More Red/White/Blue blocks

Alycia’s been working on some RWB HeartStrings blocks and posted this finished top on her blog today.

I’ve been working on a set too and plan to have my top assembled by the end of the month.

If you’d like to make some blocks for HeartStrings Quilts of Valor or for quilts for veterans, you can click this link for instructions. We accept blocks that will be combined with others we receive into quilts and donated or completed tops that our volunteers will finish and donate. If you are making a top – please make sure that it measures 54 x 72 at a minimum. That’s 48 HeartStrings blocks that are set 6×8.

One thought on “More Red/White/Blue blocks”

  1. I LOVE this darling photo. My son says that guy’s ‘just tryin to get the rest of us in trouble!’ I say that he is Adorable!! This is so awesome that it makes me happy just looking at it.


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