2012 Block Project/Challenge

Since we’ve done just about every color challenge in the past 5 years we’re
going to do something a bit different this year.

Our challenge will be for everyone participating to make (at least) ONE full set
of blocks — 24 blocks for a child’s quilt or 48 for an adult quilt — using any
color combinations you choose.

The challenge will run for 6 months from Feb 2012 through August 2012 so it’s
VERY doable to make just one set but I’m hoping that you will join me and make
more than one.

As always, you will be able to send in the block sets to Sue or Stephanie, send
in the completed top for a volunteer quilter to finish and donate, or complete
and donate your finished quilts locally.

We will have a weekly sew-along on Monday’s to share our progress.
If the weekend works best for your sewing — make sure you still pop in on
Monday and post/share a photo of the blocks you are working on.

I’m looking forward to seeing lots of FUN combinations and we will share photos
along the way of some of our all time favorite HeartStrings quilts to help
inspire you.

So get ready for our Feb 1st start day — cut your foundations, gather your
strings, and start looking for inspiration in our photo albums.

Additional links:
You’ll still need to follow the guidelines for the blocks — just substitute
your color schemes

Here’s a link to our photo albums for inspiration:

For anyone who chooses NOT to participate — we will still continue to accept
any number of blocks made according to the guidelines with Red or Blue centers.

Finally, I’m very excited about this challenge and hope that 2012 will be our
most productive year yet!

6 thoughts on “2012 Block Project/Challenge”

  1. I love this pattern and can see me making lots of quilts using different colors as centers. Thanks for sharing your creativeness with all of us.


  2. What a wonderful idea. Since yesterday I have made 6 blocks. This is such a fun way to use up those bits and pieces that are too large to throw away. I recently took a quilt kit apart. the fabrics will be perfect for a heart string quilt.


  3. Mary, thanks for the reminder email about the 2012 HeartStrings Challenge. I didn’t read about it in January, knew something was going on, and now I will join in. I’ve got a month and a half, so should be able to pop out some 24-block tops!

    Thanks again, Barb W in MN


  4. I’ve just finished assembling a 24-string block quilt top. So that’s another 24 blocks to add to the overall total.


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