Sarah’s project

Sarah has been busy for months and months collecting and making quilts and HeartStrings members helped out. She wrote:

On October 27, the majority of the tornado quilts were delivered and it was great. Don and I drove to Laurel County to help distribute them and had a wonderful day. Judy from the United Way made the arrangements and it went smoothly. A few were delivered to people’s homes due to illnesses or other personal reasons. Everyone thanked and thanked us for the gifts. They said they were so surprised that HeartStrings members from around the country were kind enough to make them quilts. We had conversations with many of the people and their stories were amazing. Some of them were just getting into their new homes or just finding new places to live. One lady told us all about her hardwood flooring that was being installed while she picked up her quilt. Thank you again to all HeartStrings members who supported this effort. Sarah

I don’t have room to share all her photos but here are three of the HeartStrings Quilts she posted.




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