Stringing in Nebraska

Sara is a coordinator for QOV in Nebraska and wrote to me during our New Year’s sew along. She wasn’t able to sew that weekend but she invited friends over to try and empty out her string bins. While they made a LOT of progress, they didn’t manage to use them all up.

She wrote

We had 8 sewers and we sewed our brains out for 2 days (everyone went home at night, of course). As you predicted, I felt as though no dent was made in the string bins, but it was fun anyway, I made all 120 string Flying Geese (see Bonnie Hunter’s stuff) for a QOV, and Julia got 60 made (but she only had one day to sew). We had others who made 48-block QOV centers and then 2 who did kid quilts (30 blocks). Two ladies took home more strings to make another quilt each, and one asked me to bring more strings to her this week.


Look at all these strings … They go further than you’d think!


And look at these gorgeous blocks!



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