Memorial Day Sew Along

May 24 through the 27th we will be doing a sew along. Using brown centers, we’ll make blocks and tops for quilts for guys ( wounded soldiers and veterans as well as other guys who could use a comfort quilt)

Stephanie is always ahead of the crowd and just posted two quilts using browns.


This one doesn’t have brown centers but I love the browns she did use in it.


Blocks that are sent in for group quilts should use the guidelines and substitute brown for the red or blue centers.

HeartStrings Block Guidelines

If you’re completing a full set of 48 blocks or completing the top, you could chose blues or greens or any other “guy” color you’d like.
You could also send in RWB blocks — see those guidelines here.

And a third option to sew along with us would be to make pillowcases to send to Alycia for presenting Quilts of Valor. They don’t need to be Red/white/blue but I’d focus on manly!

Pillowcase instructions.

Won’t you join in and sew along with us?!

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