Barn Raising

Marge in Louisiana tried something a little different with her latest string quilt. Rather than using a center string like with our typical HeartStrings block, she made one half of the block light and one half dark. This type of block allows you to use any log cabin setting for your blocks.


Here’s our typical HeartStrings block with a center blue string cut 2 inches and the rest of the block filled in with random strings.


Here’s a block made without a center string … Your seam line between your first two strings will go right through the center of the block.


When piecing this type of block I still start with a foundation that is 10 inches and trim the block to 9.5 inches once I’ve pieced the strings. I use the diagonal line on my ruler when squaring up to make sure that seam is right in the center of the block.

Here’s a quilt I did several years ago using the same method only I arranged my blocks to create a star. instructions for this quilt are on my website.


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