Are You Ready for a Project?

Project will run from September 1st through October 31st (You can get an early start if you’d like)

Cindy’s quilt is the inspiration for this project although we’ll substitute RED centers for the blocks sent in for group quilts. The rest of the strips and strings should be black and white fabrics.

If you do a full set of 48 blocks you can choose whatever color center you want.

As always blocks should be constructed according to our usual guidelines just substituting the above color scheme.

You can make any number of blocks to send in to Sue or Stephanie for group quilts, piece a top and send it in for quilting or donating, or make the quilt from start to finish and donate it locally.

There is a database set up for you to list the blocks, tops, and quilts that you complete during the challenge … And there will be prizes. If you’re participating and are not a member of our Yahoo group, email me how many blocks you made and whether you’re completing the quilt yourself or sending them in and I’ll add your name to the prize database

For this project, Vicki Welch is providing one of our prizes. Please click on the links below to see (and purchase if you’d like) her beautiful hand dyed fabrics.

2 Stash Packs (10 fat eighths each) plus a 2.5 yard pack of Mistyfuse.


I’ve already started my blocks — since I’m making the entire quilt myself, I’m adding a little modification and using my focus fabric for one corner in each block. If you’re making blocks to send in, please use the RED centers and guidelines as outlined above.

4 thoughts on “Are You Ready for a Project?”

  1. I love the black and white blocks with the colored center strip. I have a box of black and whites that are now calling my name. Thank you for sharing your designs.


  2. Very nice soft colours. Congratulations on being early with your blcoks. I’m always trying to catch up but being part of this blog helps a lot, very encouraging. I like seeing the fabrics that everyone else has chosen and how different each quilt looks.


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