The generosity of quilters never ceases to amaze me. Tish is a very generous quilter who has, for years, been sending backings and some quilt tops to me to finish and donate for HeartStrings.

In the last 4 years she has donated too many backings to count … Pieced, pressed, and ready to use from beautiful, good quality fabric. I’ve been the main recipient but others have benefited also.

This week she sent 3 boxes … 29 backings total for us to use in Maine and she sent backings earlier in the year too prior to our April sew-in.

Since then I tied a number of quilts using these backs and this week, Brenda took all the trimmings and with some help from Carol, she turned them into a beautiful HeartStrings top which I tied last night. Brenda bound it and it’s now ready for donation. She has more strings from the backing trimmings and there will be more quilts to come.

Brenda making the blocks


Brenda and Carol with the top


And here’s the finished quilt


Thank you Tish for your generosity and hard work!

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