Day 3

More fun, more accomplished! I can’t believe I didn’t get a photo of the quilt stacks today but I was busy … tying quilts and chatting! I look forward all year to coming and sewing with Bev and the other quilts who come to Maine to work on HeartStrings and other donation quilts.

Bev is busy sewing and Mary is chatting while waiting her turn at the ironing board!

Click on any photo below to view a slide show of the images.

6 thoughts on “Day 3”

  1. Bless your hearts. It’s heartwarming to see quilters gathering together to help others out. And it looks like everyone is having fun with this worthy project. It sure helped me as I’m mandated to sit on the sidelines for awhile following an injury. But my physician didn’t say that I couldn’t sit and admire quilt parades like this one. As a nurse with a 53 year career, I am quite confident that the recipients will be filled with appreciation. Quilts as such a tangible showing of love and good will. Blessings to all.


  2. I see a design I don’t remember seeing before – a center square on point with strips around it. I’ll have to try that with my strips soon. Thanks, and have continued fun.


  3. Oh, my goodness gracious! What fun! So many awesome quilts! So many friends! So much inspiration! And lobster rolls to boot! Mary, girl… like my Mother used to say “You must be livin’ right!:! Enjoy & soak it all in so you can keep showing/inspiring us!


  4. WOWEE! Look at all the fabulous quilts. What a wonderful group of friends getting together for a great idea and cause. I’m so glad Mary sent us over to see all the goodness. ~smile~ Roseanne


  5. That’s an impressive turnout! You go, girls! I’m trying to figure out what sort of place you’re all working in. From the ceiling to the brick arch, it’s very interesting.


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