Who’s who?

Ginger wanted to identify the quilters in the Maine photos and since there isn’t an easy way to do that in the photo galleries I’d posted, I thought I’d try to do it here.

Mary – that’s me on the right … I’m one of the coordinators for the HeartStrings group.

Bev is our hostess … she organizes the sew-in each year in Yarmouth Maine and is on the right in the photo below …. and Brenda from NH is on the left.

Ann from PA brought SOOO many quilts to donate and hand sewed the bindings. We were so jealous of how fast she worked!

Jackie from NJ

“Little” Mary from Maine (not to be confused with me!) in the front and Brenda’s friend Barbara in the background.

It was Susan’s first sew-in

Jackie’s friend Karen from Virginia Beach was playing with crumb blocks.

Sharon (on the left) and Mavie (on the right) are also from Maine

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