365 Project quilts

One of our HeartStrings challenges for those that want to participate is to make 365 HeartStrings blocks … some do it over a single year, others just keep track and take more time. Marianne, one of our members passed away earlier this year and as she wasn’t able to participate in the challenge as she typically did, we’ve been finishing 365 blocks for the year in her memory. Here are a few of the tops and quilts we’ve been working on. So far we’ve hit 750+ blocks and we’ve surpassed our goal.

2 thoughts on “365 Project quilts”

  1. Hello, I am a fellow quilter. And have lots of scraps. I was wondering if this is something anyone can participate in? U can contact me by email.
    My phone #: 865-603-3891
    I prefer text

    Susie cox


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