Kitty’s quilt for Quilts of Valor

Kitty recently posted a photo of a HeartStrings quilt that she is donating to the Tampa VA hospital. She used the red center blocks made according to the guidelines on her quilt and it’s just beautiful. The top was quilted by a longarm quilter in her guild and she commented that she’d shown it at her guild’s show and tell and even included a photo for us to see.

Kitty also had a great tip for hanging quilts up to take pictures. She reported that she bought 3-4 large magnetic clips from the office store and used them to take a photo against her metal garage door. Great idea!

For those of you in guilds, don’t forget to take your HeartStrings tops or quilts in and share information about the project. You can refer people to the HeartStrings website and from there they can find links to the Yahoo group and this blog.

For more information about QOV – visit the Quilts of Valor website.
For the HeartStrings guidelines for making string blocks like those Kitty used click here.

Jane and the Uncommon Threads Quilt Guild

At the beginning of the project Jane created a logo for bloggers to use to link their blogs to the HeartStrings Quilt Project. The logo has been reproduced by project members into quilt tops and I’m anxiously waiting to see the first one quilted.

Melva was the first to post a photo of her Sweetheart top pieced by her and her husband, Guy.

Jane went on to design other string quilt variations to share with members and even got her guild involved in the HeartStrings project by making it their February Block of the Month Project.

They currently have 3 tops that are in the process of being quilted by guild members from the blocks made and donated by their group. The first one is being pinned for quilting in this photo and the other two can be seen by clicking the links below.
Pastel Heart

You can see other string quilt designs by Jane by clicking on the links below.
The Logo and first String Heart Design and a 2nd variation
A group of star designs
A string Fish
Two more String Heart Designs

Patriotic Heartstrings: “Liberated Stars and Stripes”

Michele contacted me by email to share her HeartStrings Project quilt. She’s participating via the HeartStrings Quilt Project website rather than the Yahoo group and I wanted to share the quilt she made to be donated to the Veteran’s Outreach Program in Salem, Oregon.

You can read more about her work at her blog – With Hearts and Hands, a Quilting Journey

HeartStrings Blog

Welcome to the HeartStrings Quilt Project Blog. We’ll use this space to:

  • keep you up to date on the progress we’re making including quilt donations
  • feature HeartStrings quilters and groups
  • and notify you of any upcoming events

For those of you not familiar with the project – please visit our website. You can read about how we got our start on our Group History/Background page and find out how you can participate.

The project is coordinated by Sue Frank, Megan Fisher, and myself and we’ll be glad to provide any information you need to join us in making HeartStrings Quilts for your local charitable organizations. In addition to being coordinators, Sue (in the US) and Megan (in Australia) receive the blocks made by group members and are both involved in piecing HeartString tops before sending them off to volunteer quilters.

Thanks to Jane for creating our HeartStrings logo.