The Purple Project – HeartStrings Quilts for Kids

Following the success of our Chinese Coins project and inspired by Stephanie’s recent children’s quilts we’ll have a special project for July and August 2007.

We’ll be making and collecting HeartStrings blocks with purple centers made according to the guidelines EXCEPT for the substitution of a 2 inch purple center string. Blocks should be mailed to Sue (US) and Megan (AUS) by mid September to be assembled into quilts for children.

Since these quilts will be made with 24 blocks versus the 48 blocks needed for the typical HeartStrings quilts, I hope to receive enough blocks for several quilts. As always, you are welcome to make and assemble your own quilts rather than mail the blocks – just remember to send us a photo.

We’ll continue to accept HeartStrings blocks with red and blue centers (US) and red centers (AUS).

Email me with any questions or for the mailing addresses for sending blocks.

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