Looking at our first 6 months

As June draws to a close, I’ve been looking at what we’ve accomplished in our first 6 months.

Sharing the stories on this blog about the quilters who are participating in the project is inspiring to me as I continue to work on my HeartStrings quilts and I know there are many participating quietly. I frequently come across photos or a mention of HeartStrings quilts or blocks just in reading online group messages or quilting blogs.

We try to keep a database of donated quilts so we can count the number of donations and identify which organizations are receiving quilts. If you’ve made and donated a HeartStrings quilt that we don’t know about – please send me an email and a picture and let us know which organization (or individual) received it.

Take some time to look through our online photo albums and see the finished quilts as well as those in progress and if you haven’t already, share your Heartstrings Project Quilts with us.

In the next couple months we’ll have our second MN/WI area sew-in this time in Roberts, WI and we’ll be working on our Purple Project. I hope you’ll join us.

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