Patriotic Quilting

With the 4th of July coming up I thought I’d post a photo of one of the patriotic tops made for an organization providing quilts for soldiers injured in the war on terror. Sue recently shared this Heartstrings top that she pieced using group blocks that will be donated to Quilts of Valor.

This along with another top from the blocks to be exchanged at the WI/MN area sew-in in July will be sent to QOV for quilting and donation. In addition, I’m also finishing up the binding on my QOV donation quilt and plan to have it completed in time to bring to the July sew-in.

This is the time of year we all tend to think about our soldiers and veterans but other HeartStrings Project quilts have already gone to QOV, VA hospitals, Veteran’s homes, and To the Top Project. Thanks go to all the members of the project that have contributed to making these quilts that honor those that serve in our armed forces.
Take a few minutes to read a previous blog post that shared the story of Al, a WWII POW who continues to make HeartStrings quilts for QOV.

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